Wednesday, March 30, 2016

So what did I think of Batman V Superman?

So what did I think of BvsS? Well, judging it as a stand-alone story and disregarding whether or not it does justice to the 80 years of mythology it’s based upon, it’s a decent popcorn movie. It’s not thought provoking or heart wrenching or all that memorable, but as a popcorn movie it’s fine.

First my minor grievances:
1 ~ The Waynes didn’t look rich in the flashback. The Waynes should always look like a cartoonish stereotype of plutocracy. They should be dressed to the nines no manner the occasion so that whenever someone looks at them they know they’re richer than God. The Waynes in the flashback looked working class, and what was with Thomas’ pornstache?
2 ~ Bruce drinks wine as soon as he wakes up (next to some random one night stand whose face we never see. If he’s actually a philanderer, doesn’t the revolving door to Wayne Manor represent a major security threat?). Batman doesn’t drink. Batman, as the epitome of the Badass Normal, must maintain peak physical health. He does this via intense training, both physical and mental, adhering to a strict diet, and abstaining from drugs and alcohol. He’s obsessed with fighting crime, and he’s not going to do anything that might make him lose his edge.
3 ~ I think it’s hypocritical for both Lex and Bruce, as heteronormative white male American billionaires, to be so concerned about a man having too much power. It kind of seems more like they’re concerned about being knocked down the pecking order rather than the safety of humanity.
4 ~ Of course, the dream sequences were just weird.
5 ~ How can you base a movie off of Frank Miller’s The Dark Night Returns, however loosely, and not include this: